Full Circle Health + Wellness is a full-service medical center focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. We are a general practice facility, available to treat a variety of health ailments using natural therapeutics, acupuncture and other minimally invasive modalities. We pride ourselves in maintaining a holistic approach that includes acupuncture, customized nutraceutical and herbal prescriptions, lifestyle modification and stress-reducing self-care practices. Our whole-body therapeutic approach assists our patients in attaining long term improvement and in many cases, remission from their condition. Our practitioners are trained in treating disease integratively by blending Traditional Chinese Medicine with a modern, biomedical understanding of disease. This allows them to use both lenses to carefully create a pathway to wellness for each patient.

Each practitioner is fully licensed by the Texas Medical Board and carries National Diplomate status in Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM.

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, complex medical issues, or if you are in need of general health support, we’re here to serve you. If conventional treatment has failed you and you feel you’ve exhausted all other options, you’re in the right place. We invite you to schedule your consultation and take the first step in regaining your health.

We are –

Holistically minded. Results oriented. Full Circle.